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How to change the font-size in the Bible



  • Oluyinka Dosunmu

    This comment is not about font size. I didn't see any other place where I can make the comment. In the NKJ V Study Bible, there is an overlap of verses 10-19 of Isaiah 42 and the in-line resource for Isaiah 42:9. I have tried several times to do a separation but I have had no success. Please how can this be resolved. Thanks

  • Cory Lui

    Hi Oluyinka,

    Sorry you're experiencing problems :(

    Please email our support team (click on "Submit a Request") and we will be happy to help you with your overlap text/inline resource problem.

    Please provide the following info in your message:
    1. An attached screenshot of your problem
    2. The name of the Study Bible you are seeing this problem in
    3. The device you are using (model number)
    4. The Android OS your device is using



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