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Does this Bible work offline (without an Internet connection)?



  • Davewithe

    I've used the Tecarta Bible app on all my tablets and smart phones for many years. Cory's answer used to be the way it worked across all of my platforms.

    Recently there has been a change. When my new Kindle Fire 8 inch tablet goes offline or if I log out all of my purchased Bible versions disappear, except for the one that I'm currently reading. My bible versions still show in the settings pulldown menu, but they are all for purchase and don't open the bibles anymore.

    When I get back to Wii-Fi and log in I have to download them again.

    If somebody thinks this is an improvement, it is not. It mean's I can't use my Tecarta bibles for Church any more.

    This is a massive fail!!!

  • Cory Lui

    Hi Dave,

    This is correct. Since you have a TecartaBible account, your purchases are now tied to it. This means that when you sign out of your account, your content is cleared from your device. To fix this, all you need to do is remain signed into your account and then redownload your Bibles.

    You will be able to continue to use your downloaded Bibles offline even while you are signed into your TecartaBible account. :)

  • Loretta Bull

    I agree with Dave. It is very unproductive to re-download several Bible applications every time I log off. I would like to access the Bibles when and where I choose.  Thanks!

  • Cory Lui

    Hi Loretta,

    Due to security reasons we now remove downloaded items from the app when the user signs out of their TecartaBible account. To prevent your downloaded Bibles from being removed, please remain signed into your account at all times. This behavior is similar to an email app...when you sign out, your emails are are removed from the app. 


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